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Prolonged effect

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When your skin needs the extra hydration kick, this full face sheet mask will give an instant and long-term hydration

Lars Fredriksson Founder of Verso Skincare
N°8 VERSO deep hydration mask


lasting facial hydration

Verso Deep Hydration Mask uses hydrogel technology to provide deep and lasting facial hydration. It keeps your skin smooth and fresh.


The mask delivers deep hydration with prolonged effect. Its patented Artificial Moisturizing Factor (AMF) supports the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Due to the powerful absorption ability of the AMF’s small silica particle structure the skin can stay well hydrated.

how to use

Apply directly on cleansed skin. Open the package and remove the thin protective film. Apply the gel mask sheets evenly on your face. Keep eyes and mouth clear. Peel off the thicker protective film and put the mask on for approximately 20 minutes. Gently remove it from your face when finished. Use your fingertips to massage any remaining moisture into your skin.   All masks are formulated without Sulfates, Synthetic dyes, Phthalates, GMOs or Triclosan. The Verso Mask series is perfect to use once or twice a week.


In addition to AMF, Verso Deep Hydration Mask contains Sodium Hyaluronate, Grapefruit Extract and Ceramide-3, which further support the AMF effect and keep the skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

Verso Deep Hydration Mask


N°8 VERSO deep hydration mask

Useful information about our deep hydration mask - what it does best, how to use it, how long it lasts plus a few words on overall skin health.

  • What is facial mask and what does it do?

    A facial mask delivers thorough skincare for the whole face.

  • Why is it a good idea to include a DEEP HYDRATION in my daily skincare routine?

    It is a great way to keep the face moisturized for a longer period of time.

  • Can I combine Verso Deep Hydration Mask with any other product I use in my skincare routine?

    Yes, Verso is created to provide a baseline for every skincare routine. All our products can be combined with each other as well as with products from other brands.

  • How long will Verso Deep Hydration Mask last?

    The effect of the mask lasts up to approximately 120 hours. We recommend complementing your skincare routine with a mask treatment once or twice a week to keep your skin properly moisturized.

  • What's the best way to store Verso Deep Hydration Mask?

    In room temperature.

  • Do you have any other advises on how I can improve my skin quality?

    We believe that it’s wise to look at the bigger picture and all parts of your life. A conscious approach to skincare is of course advisable. But your skin is absolutely best off when you can combine a conscious skincare routine with a healthy approach to other parts of life that may affect your skin health, such as work, food, alcohol, exercising and sleep.

We select ingredients with care and take no shortcuts when developing our products.

Lars Fredriksson Founder of Verso Skincare